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     This is where we list requirements for ALL of the sites here. The good thing is, we don't have a lot of requirements. And, most browsers are compatible with our sites. =)

     Scroll down and read it all (which is recommended), or you can use the links below and jump to each section.

Standard Requirements | Needed Fonts (6 Total)

Part 1: Standard Requirements
     You will NEED the following:

  • Allow Popups - Some pages will load in popups. (by the way, we DO NOT have ads here.)

  • iFrame support - You can visit our test page to see if your browser supports iFrames. (opens in a popup)

  • JavaScript support - If you see a lot of [!] symbols here, then you don't support JavaScript.

  • WinZip and WinRar - For *.zip and *.rar files (For Mac users: there's ZipIt and "MacRar".)

  • MP3/WMA Player - I suggest using Quintessential Player. It supports all 3 file types, and works on ALL systems [including Windows 95!]. But of course, the newer version of WinAmp and Windows Media Player supports OGGs and WMAs, too.)

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    Part 2: Needed Fonts (6 Total)
         All of our sites use unique fonts, to produce a variety of effects. (^^) But if you don't have the fonts on YOUR computer., then the effects won't work. =(

         Below is a simple test to see if you have the fonts:

    1. If the image and the text next to it (aka "the actual font) don't match, then you don't have the font.

    2. Click on the purple image to download the font (which is inside of a ZIP file).

    3. Instructions ARE included in the files. And there aren't too many steps, so don't worry. ;)
    ...If you're missing more than 3 fonts,
    you can download them all here.
    Image Actual Font Image Actual Font
    Happy Pretty
    Silly Honey
    Angry Crazy